UNIMOS 200.24/3

Reference : 1412

UNIMOS 200.24/3

12.24V BATTERY ISOLATOR - 200A - 3 output

UNIMOS distributes the charge of your alternator, solar charge controller or automatic battery charger on each of your batteries without voltage drop while isolating each battery to prevent them from unloading each other.

NB : for a charge via a solar charge controller or an automatic battery charger, the use of a voltage reference cable is needed.

Thanks to its latest generation electronics (Low Voltage Drop MOSFET) combined with its power connectors directly soldered on the electronic board, UNIMOS offers:

• exceptional compactness (up to ×5 smaller),

• Up to ×10 less power loss compared to other MOSFET battery Isolators on the market,

• a faster charge,

• a gain in energy and/or fuel.

• Load current 200A
• Battery 12/24V
• 3 charging outputs


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