Uniteck is an innovative French industrial company specialized in small power solar energy, whose headquarters are located in Béziers (34).

Based on their 10-years of experience in the professional charger field, the founders have created a tailor-made range of products for the following target markets: campervan, boating, road signs, and small domestic applications.

Uniteck markets all the products required for a complete and efficient solar installation, including :

  • solar charge controllers, designed and Made in France
  • high-efficiency solar panels
  • advanced inverters
  • many mountings brackets and high-quality accessories

Uniteck, stands as the reference supplier of solar solutions thanks to their products : 

  • which are easy to use and reliable
  • with an ergonomic and discreet design
  • and totally safe for the user
Vendres (Béziers - France):
Headquarters and sales management /Mechanical, plastics and electronics Design department
Logistics center
/ Production
Shanghai - China :
/ Quality control department