UNISUN 100.12 MS

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UNISUN 100.12 MS


UNISUN MS is the high performance monocrystalline slim panel range ideal for leisure (boating, campervan),  off-grid or nomad activities.

Their highly efficient monocrystalline cells guarantee exceptional output even under weak light or extreme heat. Their multi-layer structure with a high-quality coating on the front (ETFE) and fiberglass on the back provide the best performance on the market regarding electrical performance (high transmissibility plastic with self-cleaning properties), mechanical resistance and corrosion resistance (ideal for boating). With a TÜV certified junction box, UNISUN MS is protected against all cell overvoltage or hot spots (anti-hot spot protection) due to grey areas or cells getting masked, very common in boating (sailing ropes etc...).

Its streamlined shape minimizes wind resistance and avoids ropes from getting stuck making it ideal for boating use.

Light and space-saving, UNISUN MS can be placed or fixed with rigging or bungee cords thanks to its integrated eyelets (diam.10).

  • Slim
  • Monocrystalline
  • 100W
  • 12V
  • Cables and solar connectors

TechnologyMonocrystallineTemperature of functioning-40°C > +85°C
Maximum voltage (Pm)100 WNOCT/ TUC**45+2°C
Voltage tolerance 0/+3 %
Temperature coefficient - Pm-0.48 %/°C
Operating voltage12 VTemperature Coefficient - Voc-0.34 %/°C
Voltage at maximum power(Vmp)20 VTemperature Coefficient - Icc0.037 %/°C
Intensity at maximum power (Imp)5 ACells dimension156 x 90 mm
No-load voltage (Voc)23.6 VNumber of cells40 (4x10)
Intensity in short circuit (Icc/Isc)5.5 AModule dimension1120 x 670 x 20 mm
Controller minimum intensity (=Imp +25%) ACable length900 mm
Cells efficiency21 %Module weight5,2 kg kg
Modules efficiency14.49 %


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